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  1. We can offer these services Computer Aided Design , CAD design :
    • designing machine parts 2D and 3D: gear whells, belt whells, shafts, chain whells, couplings, plain bearings, roller bearings, ...;
    • designing equipments: screw conveyors, elevators, airslides, belt conveyors, hinged valves, damper plates, cellular dosimeters, metallic conveyors extractor, ...;
    • designing mechanical transmissions with: belts, gear whells, chain whells;
    • designing electric drive, pneumatic drive, hydro drive equipments;
    • surveying (measure and designing) of parts and equipments;
    • designing metallic confections: platforms, balustrades, ladders, pipings, bins, doors;
    • designing surfaces unfolded: bends, overcross, cylinders, bells,...;
    • designing furniture or carpentry 2D and 3D;
    • designing flow-sheets;
    • codification equipments flow sheets;
    • designing lubricate and cooling installations of the equipments;
    • designing air pump and air blower halls;
    • designing agricultural equipment .
  -All the projects realize in the format "dwg", "dxf" compatible with AutoCAD's, using ZWCAD Proffesional software- ;
  -Parts or subassemblies, requiring calculations of resistance to check or sizing to various requests : traction, twisting, shear, bending, buckle,..., will be dimensionally designed, taking into account a safety factor c=2, to the flow / break limit, as the case ;
  -On request customer, equipments projects will be accompanied by a supporting statement, list of spare-parts, operating and maintenance instructions, work safety rules;
  -All projects will be processed format "pdf" or "jpg", "tiff" format;
  -In all projects will use many standardized components;
  -All Projects will be given: by e-mail, on cd and on paper : A4, A3, A2, ... A1, A0 .
  • editing document of type "bmp", "jpg", "tif", "xls", "doc", ...;
  • conversion of files to other types of files:"dwg" in "pdf", "dwg" in "tif", "pdf" in "jpg" ;
  • saving customer designs on the server, access making with: link, user and password, that are different for each client .
Calculation programs
  1. Calculation program of conveyer belt
    • Data output program : belt speed in [m/s] , type carrying troughing sets, type return sets, belt width in [mm] , belt breaking load in [N/mm], carrying troughing set pitch in [m], lower return sets pitch in [m], type roller carrying , type return roller, absorbed power in [kW] , ... ;
  2. Calculation program of installed power screw conveyors
    • Data output program : propeller diameter-D [m], pitch propeller-p [m], helical shaft speed-n [rot/min] , the required motor power drive-P [kW] .
  3. Calculation program propeller developed screw conveyors
    • Data output program : inner radius-R [m], high propeller-h [m], angle sector propeller-[grade] .
  4. Calculation program vertical bucket elevators
    • Data output program : elevator capacity-Q [t/h] , main dimensions elevator-a, b, D,.. [mm], required drive power elevator-[kW] .
Web design
  1. We can offer following web design services:
    • creating websites functionals, dynamics, attractives;
    • implementing website on the Web server ;
    • administration website (web administration);

Customers :   CRH CIMENT (ROMANIA) S.A.-Medgidia, Hoghiz, Targu Jiu, Statia de Betoane Ovidiu |  CRH RMX&AGREGATE S.R.L.-Vintu de Jos, Alba county |  MAGOTTEAUX S.A.-Belgique |  LAZAR STEEL A.C.G.T. S.R.L.-Medgidia, Constanta county |  I.C.I.P.E. 1A S.R.L.-Bucuresti |  GRAWE SAFE INVEST S.R.L.-Medgidia, Constanta county |  ROMEC ENGINEERING S.R.L.-Medgidia, Constanta county |  TMUCB S.A. Subsidiary MIDIA -Navodari, Constanta county |  COMVEX S.A.-Constanta Port Berth 80-84 |  INMELCON PROD S.A.-Targu Jiu |  SICIM S.A.-Constanta-Enclosure Port Berth 68 |  ETEX BUILDING PERFORMANCE S.A. ( SINIAT )-Manufactures of board drywall-Bucuresti, Turceni-Gorj county and Factory plasters, plaster, glet-Aghiresu, Cluj county |  AGRISOL CONSTRUCT S.R.L.-Agriculture, cultivation and production of cereals-Tortoman, Constanta |  DACONEX S.R.L.-Manufacturer of packaging, bags, bags of all kinds-Constanta |  INFOPRESS GROUP S.A-Typography, from Odorheiu-Secuiesc, Harghita county |


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